Plains Indian artistry by James Burton 




Kicking Wolf Gallery offers a range of authentically styled Native American replica items. The pieces are generally based on the artistic styles of the plains tribes. Each piece is researched thoroughly, often based on actual antique examples, and all materials used are genuine unless noted.

The articles are completely handmade, most often using traditional techniques. These reproductions are fully functional: pipes are ready to be smoked, clothing and accessories are ready to be worn. The pieces are ideal both for ceremonial use or for decoration.



New Items
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About the artist

All of the replicas shown here at Kicking Wolf Gallery were created by the artist James Burton, unless otherwise noted. Originally from Sydney, Australia, James now lives in Boise, Idaho, where he teaches yoga and works in his studio creating the pieces you see on this website.

Although not Native American, James has since a very early age had great interest in Native American cultures. Through the years, this early interest developed into a deep respect for and a genuine, almost spiritual, connection to the native peoples, in particular to the great horse culture of the Plains Indians.
James has extensively studied these cultures and their history, becoming especially interested in the exquisitely styled clothing and adornment. This led James to researching and learning some of the traditional methods of now obscure decorative techniques such as porcupine quillwork. He also is an accomplished pipe maker.

James continues to develop and refine his knowledge of these techniques and is creating new pieces on a regular basis. Kicking Wolf Gallery will be displaying the new items as they are completed, so please keep checking the website. 

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Custom orders

If an item which interests you is already sold, please let us know because
even though each piece is one of a kind, we can create something
similar for you.

If you have a particular piece or design in mind, in most cases we can accommodate your request. For all custom replicas, there will be a 2- to 6-week waiting period depending on the piece (longer for clothing replicas)



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How to Purchase items

Kicking Wolf Gallery processes credit card transactions through PayPal; we also accept checks or money orders. Whichever method of payment you choose, email us first and let us know the item you wish to purchase, and your city so we can calculate shipping.
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